These Family Movies You Can Watch With Your Children

Telugu Movies

Watching movies with children can be very daunting. In Indian households, it is evident that parents often avoid watching movies. Therefore, Indian parents take care about selecting a film that is children-friendly, and they will learn something from it. Would you like some Telugu movies online? Are you a fan of blockbuster Tollywood movies? Many Tollywood movies can help to improve the critical thinking of children. Here are some classic recommendations for you, Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali, and Maha Manishi.

Andaru Baagundali Andulo Nenu Undali, a simplistic and family-friendly movie

As we all know, the story of the movie is what attracts the attention of the viewers. However, selecting movies for children is a complex phase. The story of this movie is simple and adventurous. Moreover, the suspense of what is going to happen can sustain you and your family throughout the film. Sameer, as known as Ali, is a guy who is crazy about social media and likes to post various things every day. However, things take a classic turn when he gets into trouble because of it. Moreover, one fine day Sameer meets Srinivasan, known as Naresh, and clicks his picture while Srinivasan sleeps on the train like a drunkard guy. This snap of Ali gets him in trouble. The snap Ali takes damages the reputation of Srinivasan. Hence, he decides to take revenge. The movie takes up a rollercoaster ride, entertaining the viewers with its plot.

Maha Manishi

The story of Maha Manishi takes up a classic note of being a humble person. It is a remake of a Tamil-Indian Film. The tale is simple and shows the hardship of normal folk that wants the betterment of their children. Radhakrishnan decides to move his children to a private school to improve their education. Therefore, to improve that, he decides to sell his property to a business but gets frauded by the guy. Later on, he tries to overcome the myriad of his catastrophic life.

Children love to spend quality time with their parents, especially if their parents are subsequently busy all the time because of work. Aha OTT platform has numerous shows and Telugu family movies that you and your children can enjoy together.

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