An Online 3D Fashion Store..‼

Fitiquette is an online boutique with a new promising feature of giving women a virtual fitting room. This company created by fashion enthusiasts took care of women’s fashion needs. They offered online women’s clothes without the hesitation of receiving a product with bad fitting. With the advanced technology, shoppers created a duplicate body on which they can try out the different sizes of the clothes, all just by being online.

Fit your style…

Online stores never gave their customers the opportunity to return the products because of the size or fitting issues. But now some of the stores are offering a return back programs if the clothes are ill-suited. It takes time for the product to arrive at your doorstep and when it does you find it to be ill-fitted which makes you disappointed. But now with the expert service of Fitiquette has made it possible for customers to buy online without worrying about the fittings.

Online women’s clothes lacked personalization. However, now they don’t. You can with the help of virtual fitting rooms resize your clothes according to your needs. You just have to start with a customized mannequin according to your measurements of your body. This figurine is used to suggest clothing sizes and looks that would suit you and look good on you. When you try these on, it will present to you a virtual 3D image so that you can know how it will look on you before you make a purchase. This technology has given Myntra a huge competitive advantage over other affiliate retailers.

Online Shopping

Shopping online and its advantages:

The advantage of shopping online is that you might get the exclusive product that you might not find in the main market places and also these shopping websites keep on allowing discounts and other attractive offers and moreover, the product is directly delivered at your doorsteps. In addition to this, these websites have a 30-day return policy also if the product did not suit you. Services like these encourage the customer to shop online.


The products offered are of many types like clothing, watches, etc of many notable brands like Ray-Ban, Levi’s, Fastrack, etc are all available on these websites but the biggest drawbacks of shopping online are that the product shown on the website is virtual and though it might look good on your computer screen that doesn’t mean it will suit you as well and this creates a lot of confusion between customer and the shopping website. Another drawback is that the product delivered might be in a pathetic state and there might not be any possibilities that you could get it replaced. Online shopping can be done for buying products like watches, footwear or maybe accessories like belts, wallets, sunglasses, bags or sometimes cosmetics as well.

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